Can you trust the Bible?

Many people don't trust the Bible or what it says. They think it's an old book full of myths, legends and children's stories. But Christians have another view, and this view changes your life as you read the Bible.... Read More


Bishop Charlie's Update

In Bishop Charlie's update this week he shares a little about Melchizedek (Gen 14, Ps 110:4, Heb 5,7), Colossians 1:19, Bishop Trevor, and the week ahead as we prepare for Palm Sunday. Watch here.  Read More

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Sunday School Update

The children in the Sunday School (9:30am Relaxed Worship) have been engaging with Bible stories using Lego. The pictures show the Old Testament story of Joseph and how God made something good out of a bad... Read More


Who is Jesus?

As we get closer to Good Friday and Easter Sunday, there are some who are curious about Jesus. They've heard about him, but they don't have good information. Or, they've decided that what they've heard can't be... Read More


Bishop's update from Vancouver #2

Bishop Charlie updates us from the Being Clear About the Gospel conference, other meetings in Vancouver, and some prayer requests. Read More


Bishop's update from Vancouver

Bishop Charlie brings early-morning greetings from Vancouver this week and shares from his heart. Read More

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We're on Facebook!

We have a new Facebook page! To find it, click the Facebook icon at the top of each page, or the icon in the bottom right corner of each page. News items, events and sermons will be added to Facebook  automatically.... Read More

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Life at the Edge

Living Edge is an active, vital ministry that feeds and cares for the poor in our city. To learn more, check out the story that appeared on the Anglican Network national website.  Read More

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Learn Arabic

FREE ARABIC LESSONS!  To help the COOL family prepare for the arrival of our refugee family, we're offering 30 minute lessons in the Fellowship Room following the 10:30 church service on Sundays.  These will run for... Read More

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Wounded Healers Conference

Many struggle through life with memories of past experiences haunting and tormenting them. If you or someone you know is in this situation, there is hope! The second Wounded Healers Conference is happening March... Read More