I'm New

I'm New

Where do I park?

The best place to park on a Sunday is at St Anne's Academy across from COOL. You can park for the whole morning and into the afternoon for only $2, payable by credit card in the lot. If you do get a ticket for parking longer, please give the ticket to a volunteer or one of the clergy and we'll gladly pay it. Plus, there's free parking in the parkade under the Central Library at 745 Broughton Street. There's also some parking on the streets around the church. Street parking is free on Monday to Saturday from 6pm - 9am and free all day Sundays and holidays. The only difficult times to park on a Sunday are during large downtown events such as the Victoria marathon. 

What do I wear? 

We're a casual group, so please come as you are. A few dress formally, and many dress casually. Please come as you are. 

What's it like on Sunday?

The style of worship depends on which of the three congregations you visit.  Go the events page for a short description of each service: Quiet, Relaxed, Classic. 

What about my kids?

We have a children's program at our Relaxed 9:30 service on Sunday. The kids join us for part of the worship, then go to their Sunday school room to learn more about following Jesus. We encourage teens to stay upstairs with the adults and take part in the service. 

How can I get connected?

We'd love to get to know you over coffee after Sunday worship and to share more about our church family. We recommend you get involved in one of the small groups that are currently forming. Plus, one of the pastors and a member of the church would love to follow up with you over coffee or lunch.